Here you can find information on my research agenda, with links to some papers. You can also see a list of my forthcoming papers and my presentations here.

The Normative Capacities of Complex Institutions

In my main research area, I focus on a topic at the intersection of social philosophy and business ethics: the moral capacities of complex institutions such as corporations, churches, and governments. In my dissertation, I develop a view on which institutions are capable of some sorts of moral responsibility, as well as distinctively collective virtues and vices.

You can find a dissertation abstract here. Below is a paper taken from the second chapter, which is forthcoming in Philosophical Studies.

Forthcoming Paper: Phenomenal Consciousness, Collective Mentality, and Collective Moral Responsibility

Divine Simplicity

I also have research interests in the philosophy of religion. Currently, I am investigating the notion of divine simplicity, the view that God doesn’t possess any kind of composition—including, most controversially, the sorts of non-spatial composition ascribed to ordinary objects by some metaphysicians (e.g. hylomorphists and some Platonists about universals). Although neglected for most of the 20th century, the past two decades have seen a revival of interest in the idea. I’m currently interested in arguments for and against it, and I have two papers forthcoming on the subject (see my CV).